Miss World 1952

Final: November 14, 1952
Venue: Lyceum Ballroom, London, United_Kingdom.svg United Kingdom

Miss World 1952 - Sweden - May Louise Flodin

Miss World 1952 – Sweden – May Louise Flodin

Miss World 1952 – Sweden.svg  Sweden – May-Louise Flodin
1st runner-up: Switzerland Switzerland – Sylvia Müller
2nd runner-up: Germany.svg Germany – Vera Marks
3rd runner-up: Finland.svg Finland – Eeva Hellas
4th runner-up: United_States.svg United States – Tally Richards

Denmark Denmark – Lillian Christensen
Finland.svg Finland – Eeva Maria Hellas
France.svg France – Nicole Drouin
Germany.svg Germany – Vera Marks
Netherlands.svg Holland – Sanny Weitner
Ireland.svg Ireland – Eithne Dunne
Sweden.svg Sweden – May-Louise Flodin
Switzerland Switzerland – Sylvia Müller
United_Kingdom.svg United Kingdom – Doreen Dawne
United_Kingdom.svg United Kingdom – Marleen Ann Dee
United_States.svg United States – Tally Richards

Belgium_(civil).svg Belgium – Anne-Marie Pauwels (became disqualified because she refused to be parted from her boyfriend during the contest when he accompanied her to England)